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Annual Reports

Although Annual Reports are printed in shorter run this day they still require to be printed in high quality in order to represents the corporate looks of the company its trying to report. This is when the HP Indigo comes to the rescue. With it’s offset quality it is a must that the Annual Reports… Read more »


Flyers are an integral part of doing business! You send flyers when you want to let people knows about your services, your new products, your special of the month etc etc. Flyers comes in many sizes such as DL, A5 and A4 but most popular is DL as they are just big enough to carry… Read more »

24 Hours Service

Sometimes you might find yourself in need of an urgent printing perhaps because someone let you down or your client forgot to tell you or whatever the reason is simply call us to check if we can slot your job in. If your print job is straight forward kind of print job, we might just… Read more »

Casemade Folders

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Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging / Mock Ups Do you need to get an actual mockup of your newly design box/packaging printed in full colour, cut to shape & assembled to finish boxes? You have come to the right place! We are equipped to help you make full colour printed mock ups of most boxes and the best… Read more »

Envelopes Printing

  Short-run Envelopes printing Full Colour printed envelopes are always attract more attention than the plain one. Also only the biggest company can afford to look good by having their envelopes printed in colours. Not anymore, we at twenty nine digital can print short-run full colour envelopes from quantities as low as 250 onwards economically…. Read more »

Digital Spot Matt or Gloss

What is digital spot Matt/Gloss? Ideal for a special poster or cover or unusual presentation. You can now create a one off poster complete with the spot Matt and spot gloss done together without having to pay a fortune and the best thing is it doesn’t matter how complex the spot Matt/Gloss is as they… Read more »

Digital Embossing

What is digital embossing? Digital embossing is essentially printing clear inks in multiple times. You can run the clear ink twice or three or even four times over the same spot thus creating an emboss effect. The more you repeat this the thicker the emboss is. Ideal for a special poster or book cover or… Read more »

Window Graphics

Great Window Signages attract passer by to your shop! You can now order your “SALE” sign for your shop window in any size and shape! • Window Signage for the inside & outside of the glass window • Full Colour + White inks • Stock available in Clear & White Removable • Cut to shape… Read more »

Floor Coverings

Floor Graphics Activate your campaign by utilising the unused floor space! What can be better and so in your face in attracting your potential customer! Floor graphics motivate impulse purchases and drive traffic to your brand. Floor Graphics for direction Simply placed an arrow or a foot on the floor as many as required to… Read more »