Custom Wallpaper

Replaces those boring uninspiring white wall with exciting images such as New York city at night or over looking the Opera House or how about having the Harbour bridge in your living room without the smoke pollution. Yes, with a bit of imagination you can transform your living room or your bedroom or even your kids bedroom to something exciting. So, whether it is the Antartica that you want to bring to your living room or the Amazon rain forest or even the breathtaking Himalaya, simply give us a call today on 02 9460 9170 to discuss your wallpaper inspired dream.

For amazing images please go to and search for any images suited for your living room or your bedroom or any room in your house, offices, shops etc. Please email me the image number and the wall size eg. 3500mm (wide) x 2500mm (high) and I’ll get back to you with suitability and the quotation asap. We can also installed the wallpaper for you so please include location for the installation. At this stage we do installation within Sydney Metro area only.

You can also use your own images as long as they have enough resolution to be enlarged to whatever the final size is. The rule of thumb is minimum of 100dpi at the final print size to ensure reasonable quality prints. If unsure please email me the images and wall size for evaluation. If the image size is very big, please send it through

For more information and quotation, simply call Albert on 02 9460 9170 or email directly to


or you can browse and order your wallpaper online @ 29 DIGITAL PRINT STORE






Custom Magnetic Wallpaper
Ideal for shop who regularly change their promotion. With custom magnetic wallpaper, you do one main installation at the beginning where you installed the base magnetic wall on the nominated wall. Onced this is done, you can simply apply the printed magnetic wallpaper on top of the magnetic base yourself or by one of your staff as this part is easily done as easy as applying a magnet on your fridge but larger. This printed magnetic wall can be removed just as easy and replaced with another new promotion. If your promotion is seasonal, you can keep the old one for the next season thus saving you the cost for a new reprint. For any price changes, you can simply order just the new price on another magnetic prints and simply placed it on top of the old price.


For more information on this amazing Custom Magnetic Wallpaper, simply call Albert on 02 9460 9170 or email him directly to


Custom Wall Chalkboard
Ideal for Coffee shop or restaurant where you want to display the menu on the wall. We can now print your menu onto this black chalkboard in full colour or just white to resemble a real chalkboard with the price area in blank so you can hand write the price or anything that might change from time to time using the normal chalk.

For more information on this amazing Custom Wall Chalkboard, simply call Albert on 02 9460 9170 or email him directly to