Custom Magnetic Wallpaper

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Ideal for shopwho regularly change their promotion. With custom magnetic wallpaper, you do one main installation at the beginning where you installed the base magnetic wall on the nominated wall. Onced this is done, you can simplyapply the printed magnetic wallpaper on top of the magnetic base yourself or by one of your staff as this part is easily done as easy as applying a magnet on your fridge but larger.This printed magnetic wall can be removed just as easy and replaced with another new promotion.

If your promotion is seasonal, you can keep the old one for the next season thus saving you the cost for a new reprint. For any price changes, you can simply order just the new price on another magnetic prints and simply placed it on top of the old price.

For more information on this amazing Custom Magnetic Wallpaper, simply call Albert on 02 9460 9170 or email him directly to