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Floor Graphics
Activate your campaign by utilising the unused floor space! What can be better and so in your face in attracting your potential customer! Floor graphics motivate impulse purchases and drive traffic to your brand.

Floor Graphics for direction
Simply placed an arrow or a foot on the floor as many as required to direct the people from the entrance to the destination. Great for promotional stunt in creating a visual engagement/curiosity.

Floor Graphics for Special Product
Simply placed the floor graphic on the floor next to where the special product is displayed to ensure the passer-by noticed the new product and encourage to interact & hopefully purchased the product or at least remember to follow on afterwards.

Floor Graphics for outdoor advertising
Advertised your product outdoor on concrete floor, road surface, car parking area and any outdoor area where people meet! They are under utilised so capture your target audience by utilising those empty floor space! We have printable floor materials that will blend in on those rough outdoor surfaces.

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