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Custom Wobblers
They are available in all sort of shapes (round, oval and odd shapes) with the clear “T” Bar attach to the top of it. Their sizes range from A6 to A5 or anywhere in between and for custom odd shape size they will need to have a special knife made to suit thus not economical for the smaller run. We do have a few standard knife that available for you to use. If interested please call us on 02 9460 9170 or email your request to albert@twentyninedigital.com.au

Quick & Affordable Wobblers
This kind of wobblers are usually square or rectangle in shape thus they are more economical since you don’t need a special knife made for it. To get this wobblers to wobble, we’ll attach a clear PVC strips at the top of it. This wobbler work just as well as the custom wobblers and ideal for short-run quantities. We can also add the rounded corners to the square wobblers if you prefer. We recommend size of 100mm square wobblers or 100mm x 140mm for rectangular shape.
If you prefer Round shape wobblers, we have knife available for size 90mm and 100mm Diameter for you to use.

Short-Run Wobblers
We can do small quantity order from 25 to 50 wobblers for you. They need to be 100mm square size wobblers with or without rounded corners. They also come with Glossy finish with clear “T” bar attach to the top.

For more information, please call us on 02 9460 9170 or by email albert@twentyninedigital.com.au