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No more mounting! Take advantage of our capability to print direct to substrate. Its not only faster, its also cheaper as you don’t have to pay for the mounting cost.

Our print direct to substrate printing technology, produces high quality UV printing directly to a variety of rigid surfaces up to 1.2 metre x 2.4 metre in size and 10mm thickness including FomeCore, Corflute, Wood, Metal, Acrylics, PVC, plastics and many other substrates. Economical and fast, producing less waste and involving fewer steps without sacrificing quality. Ideal for signage (indoor and outdoor) custom displays, pop, retail, real-estate, etc!

Six Colour inks (CMYK+WHITE+ CLEAR)
• Printing with White inks means that you are now able to print on clear substrate from the inside in reverse order, eg. Clear PVC and Clear Sticker suitable for window graphics. White inks will allow you to print on colour or black substrate to produce some amazing looks.
Clear ink will allow you to create an amazing digital emboss special effect or a digital Matt or gloss looks. If you are looking for something unusual for your project then you need to see what clear ink can do for you!

FomeCore (or Foam Board) is a strong and yet lightweight material suitable for displaying poster. They are one of the very popular material used for displaying poster. Due to its lightweight it can be carry around effortlessly and easily to hang on the wall. FomeCore also suitable for indoor usage only. We print direct on 5mm and 10mm FomeCore.

Corflute is also a strong and lightweight material suitable for outdoor poster. Corflute is available in 5mm and 10mm thick. Due to its nature, corflute’s surface shown a unique ribs running along the surface which give its unique looks unavailable from other materials. The ribs look add that special dimension to the prints. Corflute is so flexible it can be cut to form an A frame so it can stand by itself.

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